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Pet Cremations

At Palmetto Funeral Home we know how difficult it can be to lose a cherished pet. They are faithful companions. They are members of our family. They are our pets.  For many of us, pets are important members of our families, and the loss of a pet can be traumatic. Therefore, end-of-life decisions represent the final acts of love and kindness we can show our pets.


As pet owners ourselves, we bring the same caring and professional service to the honoring of your pet as we do with our other funeral families. As you remember the lifetime of love and devotion, our family is honored to assist your family in celebrating your pet’s life. 

We believe that our pets are an important part of our lives and want to help you honor that life. From basic funeral services, to individual cremations, flowers, monuments, and more, we offer a complete range of funeral services to meet your needs. 

Please Contact Us to speak to one of our pet services professional.

Decisions Regarding Your Pet

In addition to the grief, the death of a pet brings with it a difficult decision - how to handle your pet's remains. Before making any decisions, consider your thoughts and feelings about death and how to honor the memory of your beloved pet. Whether you choose burial or cremation, it is important to remember that this is not only the final act of love but also an important means of closure. And no matter what option you select, it is important that your pet's remains are treated with dignity and care. 

Home Burial 
While burying your pet at home keeps it close and gives you the opportunity to create a permanent memorial such as a grave marker or tree planted over the pet's grave, it may not be appropriate because you live in an apartment, or it is prohibited by law. Also, you should consider what would happen if you moved. 

Professional Cremation 
If you would like to keep your pet's remains but don't have a place to bury the body, cremation may a better alternative. You can keep your pet at home without the concern of a home burial or scatter your pet's ashes rather than preserve them. 

Whether you choose burial or cremation, you must also decide how you want to honor your pet’s life. Whether it is an informal gathering or an elaborate service, it is important to conduct some type of ceremony to provide you with closure. We have a selection of urns, jewelry, pet keepsakes and monuments to cherish and celebrate the life of your pet.  

No one wants to contemplate the death of pet. But taking this time now will help you not only honor the life of your beloved pet but also help you heal.  Please Contact Us to help you make these important decisions.